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Type 85 Paint Colours 

There is a lot of confusion on paint colours. This is a page to relate the paint colour to the paint code to a physical photo of a car. If you'd like to add your car to this page, please email me a photo with the paint code and year, and I'll add it to this page. Type 85 original colours only please (no custom colours). Let me know if you want to be credited for your photo.   

Ur and Sport Colour codes (72k Word doc)

Amanda's 1986 Coupe quattro. Paint code B7V, Colour Graphite Metallic

Michael Coward's 1986 Coupe GT. Paint Code Y7Y, Colour Zermatt Silver

Michael Coward's 1987 WR. Paint Code Y6Z, Colour Lago Metallic

Ian Campbell's 1988 MB. Paint Code 0A9, Colour Pearl Effect Metallic

Ian Campbell's 1988 Coupe GT. Paint Code Y5Z, Colour Nautic Metallic

1984 WR. Paint Code Y6A, Colour Malachite Green

GlenT's very nice WR 90E, Colour Alpine White

North American UR Y1V, Colour Gobi Beige

North American Coupe GT Y3D, Colour Tornado Red

A little more info.....

The Audi Sport colours are (according to Faithle55 and Gary M....)

RED RAL 2002 ICI NUM P420 CA33,

BROWN RAL 8019 P420 CC16,

GREY RAL 7030 P420 AJ16

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